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Chandpur Racing Pigeon Association Bangladesh.

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In the year 2017, I enjoyed a race of Mohammad Zakir (President CRPAB) in the capital Dhaka and got a lot of satisfaction in my heart. After coming to the country, Dr. Ashraful Alam, Abu Sayem, Ab. Subhan Gazi, Md. Rajon, planned together in 2019 and established the CRPAB club. In 2020-21 session 60 km, 2021-22 session 150 km, 2022-23 Session 320 km and 460 km in 2023-24 session, we have been conducting the race with reputation since ages. 

The club is located in Haimchar upazila headquarters of Chandpur district. It is a non-political organisation. Currently we have 19 active members. Our only aim is to transform the CRPAB club outside Dhaka as a smart club in the future and everyone from Chandpur district can enjoy the race together. Thank you.

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Chandpur Racing pigeon Association Bangladesh.